M.A.L.P.A. AWARDS 2016

Class A “Best Publications”

1st Place 1st Place
Eric Nelson – Editor Bob and Cari Ann Salamon – Editors
Furniture City Post #258 Edward C. Headman Post #217
Scuttlebutt News & Views

2nd Place
Carol Hopson – Editor
Groves Walker American Legion Post #346
Groves-Walker Bulletin

Class B “Best Publications”

1st Place 2nd Place
Tim Hernandez – Editor Deborah Williamson – Editor
Chas. N. Skellenger Post #267 Furniture City Unit #258
Davison Dispatch Wavelinks

Class C “Pen & Ink”

1st Place
Frank Rodman
Floriano-Stedcker Post #340

Class E “Best American Legion/Auxiliary Public Relations”

1st Place
Frank Rodman
Floriano-Stecker Post #340

Class G “Internet Connection”

1st Place
Carol Hopson – Website Admin
Groves-Walker Post #346

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