Minutes of the June 2017 Meeting


The meeting was called to order by President Tim Hernandez.

Ken Pierce gave opening prayer

Treasurer report showed $1,117.66 in the bank account.

Minutes were read and approved.

A motion was made to pay the bill for the snacks provided today by Mr. Garrett Vidles, second and carried.

Mark Sutton asked for everyone to sign up with NALPA.

Winners are the following:

Class A

1st – Cathy Merritt

2nd – Carol Hopson

3rd tie – Eric Nelson  Bob & Cari Ann Salamon

Class B

1st – Joe Hollomon

2nd – Tim Hernandez

Class G

1st – Carol Hopson

Plaques will be shipped to Department Headquarters, and Mark Sutton will bring them to Fall Conference.


Election of 2017-18 Officers

President Shannon Walwork

Vice President – Nedra Beal

Secretary – Suzanne Knapp

Treasurer – Kay Bauer

Members a Large – David Bise, Eric Nelson, Frank Rodman

Newsletter – Mark Sutton

Food – Garrett Viehl

Media Contest – Shannon Walwork

Raffle – Ken Pierce


Winner $41 – Jim Barrett


Susan Svacha Secretary

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