Media Competition 2018-2019


2018 – 2019 Post marked by May 1st and received by May 15th


Competition in all classes is open to any active member of the Michigan American Legion Press Association providing they comply with the specified rules and regulations of the competition class they are entering.


Competition in all classes will be limited to twelve (12) months beginning with May 1st of the previous year and ending with April 30th of the current year.


All entries sent to the Competition Chairman to be postmarked no later than May 1st of the contest year.  MALPA President will name the Competition Chairman and notify all members of the name and address: Shannon Wawruck 6384 Indian Trail, Marine City, MI 48039

Option for all entries:    Entries may be electronic.  When entries are electronic you need only one copy of each entry.  Entries may be emailed to and must be sent by postmark date.  Entries will be judged equally whether hard copy or electronic.

Any questions call Shannon Wawruck @ 248 625-8393


All entries in all classes will have a cover sheet with the following information:

Editor’s name, address and telephone number

Publication name or name of article submitted

Post/Auxiliary name, number and city location     Number of members of previous year

Entry classification and type of printing for publications entry

Numbers of times published during the completion year for the publications entry

(Web address/Web Master for Class “G”)

 Basis of Judging (All Publications Categories):

  1. Local news of the organization 40 points
  2. County, State and National news of the organization 15 points
  3. All other news 15 points
  4. Editorial excellence 10 points
  5. Makeup and style 10 points
  6. Attractive appearance 10 points
  7. (ease of navigation – for Class “G”)   5 points

In all categories, ten points will be deducted for not abiding by the rules.  If only one entry is received in any category, it will be judged and must attain a score of 2/3 the maximum points to be awarded 1st place, ½ the maximum points to be awarded 2nd place and will receive 3rd place award for scores lower than ½ the maximum points.


CLASS A “BEST PUBLICATIONS” for membership 301 members or more

                CLASS B “BEST PUBLICATIONS” for membership 001 to 300 members

Awards:  1st & 2nd Place:  Engraved plaque    3rd Place:  Certificate

Rules:  Competition is limited to one entry from any Post, Unit, S.A.L. Squadron, Juniors or joint publication from those listed.  If more than one entry from the same place is received; the entry of the Editor will be accepted and all others disqualified.  Should there be more than one entry, but none from the Editor, the entry with the earliest postmark will be accepted and all others disqualified.

All publications submitted for judging must have as a part of their masthead

  1. The words “Member of M.A.L.P.A.”
  2. The number of members of the previous year
  3. Date of the publication
  4. Publication identification
  5. Name of the Editor or name of the M.A.L.P.A. member

Exceptions will be made only in the event that the publication Editor is not a member of M.A.L.P.A. however, the submitting M.A.L.P.A. member must then attach an affidavit from the Commander, President, Adjutant or Secretary stating the number of members of the previous year and any other information from the above list that is not on the masthead.

Submit your three (3) best publications and send three (3) copies of each with the cover sheet attached to the Competition Chairman.

CLASS C “PEN & INK”:   Original article published during the contest year.

Awards: 1st & 2nd Place:  Engraved Plaque    3rd Place:  Certificate


  1. One entry per member allowed.
  2. One article (news item, feature story or editorial) which is original and was written by the submitting member.
  3. The article must have appeared in a publication of those eligible during the competition year or published in any of the State of National publications of the American Legion/Auxiliary.
  4. The subject matter must tend to promote the aims and ideals of The Legion as outlined in the Preamble to the Constitution of the American Legion/Auxiliary.
  5. That the article is original must be attested to by the Commander, President, Adjutant or Secretary or the publication editor if those persons are the author.
  6. Send three (3) copies of the article, as it appeared in published form, the affidavit and the cover sheet to the Competition Chairman

CLASS D “Associated Publications Award”

Awards: 1st & 2nd Place:  Engraved plaque    3rd Place:  Certificate


  1. This entry is for any publication made up of different Posts/Units/Squadrons/Juniors/Counties/Districts, such as District or Zone newsletters.  This class does not include Public Relations.
  2. Additional rules for this category are the same as for Class A and Class B as listed above.
  3. Send three (3) copies of your best three (3) issues with a cover sheet to Competition Chairman


Awards:   1st Place:  Engraved plaque    2nd Place:  Certificate


  1. Any member may submit one entry consisting of not more than twelve (12) different news releases as published in the outside press during the contest year,
  2. Each news item must have the name and date of the paper in which it appeared.
  3. Submit three (3) full sets of the entry as they appeared in printed form to the Competition Chairman with cover sheet attached.  Photocopies will be allowed.


Awards:   1st Place:  Engraved plaque    2nd Place:  Certificate


  1. Newsletter will be written in a letter style.
  2. One (1) sheet of standard or legal size paper must be used.
  3. May be printed on one or both sides.
  4. Send three (3) copies of your best three (3) issues with a cover sheet to Competition Chairman.


Awards:   1st Place:  Engraved plaque   2nd Place: Certificate


  1. The words “Member of M.A.L.P.A.” must be included on the site.
  2. Name of the Webmaster and/or name of the M.A.L.P.A. member

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